06.05.2019 - Vladimír

SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP3 opravuje důležité SPRs, které zvyšují produktivitu. 

Níže naleznete nejdůležitější z oprav, obsažených v této aktualizaci. Kompletní seznam oprav a vylepšení naleznete ZDE.


•  SPR 662464 - Assembly - Interference Detection Cosmetic Threads: 'Create matching cosmetic thread folders' groups some but not all matching cosmetic threads.
•  SPR 419058 - Assembly - Assembly - Explode: Exploded Line Sketch is scattered after 'OK' in PropertyManager; does not follow the correct path as shown in preview
•  SPR 1099215 - Assembly - General,  Mate - Standard: Slow performance (lag ) with the large assembly in SOLIDWORKS 2018 in compare to SOLIDWORKS 2017.
• SPR 1095695 - Assembly - Save, Close: CRASH on save assembly with multiple configurations if Add Display Data Mark

• SPR 1051674- Drawing Views - Cosmetic Threads: Cosmetic Thread not displayed through all multi bodies in drawing Section view.
• SPR 1115587 - Drawings - Bill of Materials (BOM): 'Link balloon text to specified table' option from Drawing View Properties cannot be selected.
• SPR 1070491 -  Drawings - Annotations: SOLIDWORKS hangs after pressing ESC (Escape) button while inserting a Surface Finish Symbol in the Note
• SPR 1113946 - Drawings - Tables: Modifying column header (name) in the Bill of Materials (BOM) automatically adds slash ('/') before the header
• SPR 1117613 - Drawings - Weldments: 'Link balloon text to specified table' option from Drawing View Properties cannot be selected for Weldment Cut List table.
• SPR 1123525 - Drawings-Tables: 'Link balloon text to specified table' Option from Drawing View Properties can't be selected for drawing views showing different configuration on same sheet or multi sheet F.O.1115587

• SPR 519617 - eDrawings - Display: Extension line on circular center marks is displayed incorrectly (warped) when opening drawings in eDrawings
• SPR 884008 -  eDrawings - Open: Opening a 2015 SOLIDWORKS drawing from a hyperlink created with the file name and folder path doesn’t open properly, error “Unsupported file type.

• SPR 1086062 - Parts - Cosmetic Threads: Cosmetic Thread through all 2 bodies of Multi body part ends after body 1 in the Section View.
• SPR 1007778 - Sheet Metal Flatten: Hole Wizard slots created in the unfolded state become circular when flat pattern the body

• SPR 1007709- Routing Library Manager: Foreign Language - Spanish: Library Manager shows incorrect size values in negative when adding elbow component to Piping and Tubing database.

• SPR 519800 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - Contains, Where Used, Bill of materials (BOM): Show in BOM box shows unchecked after Check-In for User defined file references but shows again after checkout of parent file.
• SPR 1107205 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - SOLIDWORKS Integration, Cards: SOLIDWORKS Add-in fails to 'hook' when using 'Save As (from parent file) -> 'Include all referenced components' -> Advanced -> 'Save All'
• SPR 1113491 - SOLIDWORKS PDM-Integration: SOLIDWORKS 'Save Bodies' command fails to save parts (locally or vault) when the PDM add-in is loaded in SOLIDWORKS- 'File not found' and 'failed to save document' errors
• SPR1106680 - SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Message '[Sim install folder]\cosworks.dll cannot be loaded. Either the Add-in or one of its components is missing'.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 
• SPR 1116293 - SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - Interface: In the Engineering Database, incorrect conversion of Temperature values pasted from Excel
SOLIDWORKS  Simulation 
• SPR 670451 - SOLIDWORKS Simulation  - Sensors  Tools - Measure: ‘Measurement’ sensor displays secondary or dual unit in feature tree.
• SPR  578205 - SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Report: No result data is available in the report for foundation bolts

• SPR 1113757 - Toolbox - Hole Wizard Data: 'Tolerance/Precision' information of a dowel hole will get lost after editing the hole feature.

Structure Systems
• SPR 762480 - Structure Systems, Feature - Cut List: Custom properties are not deleted from Resulting bodies, even after unchecking the option "Copy custom properties to new parts".
• SPR 1113757 - Structure Systems, Feature - Weldments  File Properties: All Custom Properties removed from new drawing using custom 'sheet format' containing custom properties.

• SPR 578205 Translator - PDF Out: Save as PDF issue error ‘PDF export: unhandled exception’

User Interface
•  SPR#1095388 - User Interface - General: No tooltip prompt when hover over a component in an assembly File Management Tree (FMT) since SOLIDWORKS 2018.

• SPR 1047643 - eDrawings - Import Translators General: 'Error reading file' message appears when trying to open Inventor 2018 file in eDrawings.





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