20.08.2018 - Jakub Dudek

SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP4 se zaměřuje na opravení jak opakovatelných chyb, tak nejasných problémů se stabilitou na některých stanicích. Dále bylo vylepšeno několik funkcí ke zvýšení produktivity.

Níže naleznete nejdůležitější z oprav, obsažených v této aktualizaci. Kompletní seznam oprav a vylepšení naleznete ZDE.


• SPR 1077946 - Assemblies -Save All: Assembly with modified read-only component still prompts to save modified part even if 'Don't prompt to save read-only referenced documents (discard changes)' option is enabled
• SPR 925552 - Assemblies, External References, Save, Close: Rename assembly (Rename component in Feature Manager Tree) for top assembly file will cause all external references out of context.
• SPR 1073841 - Assembly - Save Close: Save as the assembly as different name will prompt 'Component documents must be saved' message for 2018 only.
• SPR 1064550 - Assembly -Save, Close: Saving As the assembly with modified read-only component still prompts to save modified part even if 'Don't prompt to save read-only referenced documents' option is enabled.
• SPR 1067912 - Graphics, Display - Assemblies: Assembly - Switch back a subassembly to assembly there are at least 3 times more waiting time in SOLIDWORKS 2017 than SOLIDWORKS 2012.

• SPR 1018678 - Drawings, Annotations - Hole Callout: Cannot change Hole Callout to 'None' if Hole Callout Tolerance is changed in the drawing Document Properties
• SPR 633257 - Drawings, Open: Poor performance when opening this drawing which contains many Broken-out Section views.
• SPR 1059739 - Drawings: Note linked with 'Description' or other properties  value from cut-list property of  weldment part is automatically replaced by 'Description' or other property value from custom property.


• SPR 1046402 - Property Tab Builder - Performance: Slow to load Excel in Custom Property Tab or Property Tab Builder if the sheet has many rows.
• SPR 1072372 -  Translators - STL: Performance: SOLIDWORKS take a very long time to save file in STL when using SOLIDWORKS 2018.
• SPR 1084025 -  User Interface - Save As Type: Windows 10 specific. Changing Save As Type truncates the file name if it contains a point (dot, period) and if 'File name extensions' option is enabled.

• SPR 824243 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - Cards: Date picker control changes mapped property type from 'text' to 'date' when changes are made to the card for Excel files  (xlsx, xlsm) also breaking cell link
• SPR  986352 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - Copy Tree: Performance: Copying files within the vault via 'Copy Tree' is twice as slow compared to copying same files using 'Copy and Paste' - files are not copied in batch 
• SPR  1068165- SOLIDWORKS PDM - Integration - SOLIDWORKS: Changing State or Set Revision actions in PDM fails to update column values in Revision Table
• SPR 614167 - SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration - Cards: Edit-box Properties panel unable to display cut off (hidden) information when docked back to the vertical edge position.
• SPR 649406 - SOLIDWORKS PDM Bill of Materials (BOM): “parts only” computed BOM doesn’t display subassembly as part in BOM if option“child component display when used as subassembly” is set to 'Hide'.
• SPR 1077293- SOLIDWORKS PDM: Impossible to rollback a Weldments Profile file (SLDLFP) to earlier version via the History dialog File is not detected as being selected for rollback 'Continue' button is disabled.
• SPR 1089980- SOLIDWORKS PDM: Move Tree, Move and Rename 'hangs' indefinitely or takes long time to complete SPRM_MoveItems SQL procedure when updating referenced components for files with many versions

• SPR 1074725 - SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Activation Client: 'The parameter is incorrect' and blank Material dialog when editing material with an expired license - subscription/maintenance.

• SPR 1045504 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3D Routing, Wiring - Performance: The performance of 3D routing is not proportional to the number of wires in the project.
• SPR  928249 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3D Routing, Wiring: Failed when routing the wires for attached project.
• SPR  1053094 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Routing, cables: Performance:  Slow performance when routing all cables ( 28 cables) in this project.

• SPR 977296 - CircuitWorks - SOLIDWORKS PDM: Enhancement:  CircuitWorks PDM integration should work with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard file vaults - currently show 'You haven't logged in on the file vault.' error.

• SPR 1043491 - SOLIDWORKS  Composer - Interoperability : Unable to export large assemblies as SMG or import large assemblies into SOLIDWORKS Composer
• SPR 10430821 - SOLIDWORKS  Composer - Interoperability: Crash saving assembly as SMG or failure to import SOLIDWORKS assembly into SOLIDWORKS Composer when data set includes parts with faulty geometry.

• SPR 1047643 - eDrawings - Import Translators General: 'Error reading file' message appears when trying to open Inventor 2018 file in eDrawings.





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