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27.08.2019 - Vladimír

SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP4 opravuje důležité SPRs, které zvyšují produktivitu. 

Níže naleznete nejdůležitější z oprav, obsažených v této aktualizaci. Kompletní seznam oprav a vylepšení naleznete ZDE.

272664 Task Scheduler, Drawing Views: If a drawing template set to 'use sheet scale' is used to create drawings in the Task Scheduler, the views are changed to 'use custom scale. SOLIDWORKS
373214 SOLIDWORKS PDM: Windows mouse pointer option 'Automatically moves pointer to the default button' (snap to) causing the pointer to jump unexpectedly to different area of the screen. SOLIDWORKS PDM
375598 Routing Content: Routing Content: Welding neck flange doesn’t respect its standard “ASME B16.5-1996” SOLIDWORKS Routing
483792 Routing - Piping: Enhancements: Configurations are not sorted alphanumerically in the 'Select a configuration' dialog box. SOLIDWORKS Routing
487595 Drawings - Tables: Columns or rows are missing when copying and pasting an Excel spreadsheet into a SOLIDWORKS drawing table as an OLE SOLIDWORKS
560831 User Interface - Task Pane: In the View Palette task pane, the drop down list for open files is too narrow, long file names are cut off SOLIDWORKS
570014 Assemblies, Mate - Standard: No warning or error message is displayed when opening this assembly and rebuilding even if **external**face is displayed on different mates SOLIDWORKS
616390 eDrawings - Measure - DXF,DWG Import: Unit of DXF/DWG file display as inches rather than in millimeter, when changing the unit it will show the wrong millimeter values. eDrawings
641003 Sheet Metal Form Tools Drawing Views : Form tool display visibility 'show tool profiles' and 'show tool center' does not work in flat pattern drawing views SOLIDWORKS
705465 User Interface - Feature Manager: Design journal does not point to the custom or specified location. SOLIDWORKS
713258 CircuitWorks - PADS: Not all traces are imported when building a board from a PADS (.asc) file, layers are ignored. Conductive modelling layer set to Complete CircuitWorks
808522 Drawings - Bill of Materials (BOM) - Table: After dissolving all Sub-Assemblies and Weldments in BOM, BOM reverts to restructured if Ctrl-Q is hit before save SOLIDWORKS
897766 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Workflows: After using copy and paste of an existing state with user and group permissions defined - save workflow fails with 'could not access the item in the database' SOLIDWORKS PDM
910292 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Cmd - Delete : Destroy action should not block vault access for other users FO SPR 583877 and SPR 547848 SOLIDWORKS PDM
947426 Parts, Tools - Equations: Relation defined out of context' warning message when renaming a global variable name that is used in some dimensions. SOLIDWORKS
954989 SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Terminals: Multi-level terminals show incorrect ground marks in terminal drawing SOLIDWORKS Electrical
1011419 Drawing Views: SOLIDWORKS crashes during dynamic edge selection within Drawing views. SOLIDWORKS
1023982 User Interface - Customize General: Changing System Options > View > View rotation > Arrow keys value is not saved when using arrow spin box fields SOLIDWORKS
1024240 SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3D Routing, Wiring: Route wires as lines and add tangency- tangent wire section created in wrong direction SOLIDWORKS Electrical
1038243 Parts, Tools - Measure: Enhancement: Quick copy for measure should copy only value not the unit SOLIDWORKS
1053284 Task Scheduler, Design Checker: All Design Checker tasks fail in Task Scheduler SOLIDWORKS
1063452 Translator - PDF Out: Virtual Sharps on the Broken (Break) view are not displayed when viewing the drawing in Quick View or exporting it to PDF SOLIDWORKS
1076740 User Interface: System Options window does not have dropdown list for 'Custom property used as component description' option when dual display configuration is used and main screen is on the right. SOLIDWORKS
1079798 SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Schematic: Paste special with equipotential set to keep numbering does not work when pasting from one book to another SOLIDWORKS Electrical
1094643 SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Schematic: Replacing a wire style does not update the equipotential properties in section 'General' SOLIDWORKS Electrical
1105835 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Bill of Material (BOM): Open as CSV of BOM that has values containing commas and double quotes does not put escape character around the double quotes F.O. SPR 1028991* SOLIDWORKS PDM
1105967 Model Based Definition (MBD) 3D PDF, Explode: Extra exploded line would be appears in the 3D PDF of model by using 'publish to 3D PDF' in SOLIDWORKS MBD SOLIDWORKS
1107222 Model Based Definition (MBD): Changing the Annotation view of a Datum attached to Geometric Tolerance not working - Datum floats and cannot be selected or assigned a view correctly. SOLIDWORKS
1108609 SOLIDWORKS Simulation- Performance: Extremely long save time with Simulation Studies in model (part 1 of 2: improve performance when saving -without- SOLIDWORKS Simulation Add-In loaded) SOLIDWORKS Simulation
1125387 Parts, Cosmetic Threads: thread gets misplaced after adding an new hole SOLIDWORKS
1127344 eDrawings - Display: eDrawings showing radius as straight lines eDrawings
1133900 Translator - DXF, DWG -PDF Out: Hidden bounding box in a drawing is visible after export drawing to PDF or DXF/DWG SOLIDWORKS
1135564 SOLIDWORKS PDM - File Version Upgrade Tool (FVUT): 'Modified' timestamp in the local view shows in UTC time instead of local time if File version upgrade tool run using 'Overwrite' option SOLIDWORKS PDM
1140069 SOLIDWORKS CAM: Cannot Copy or Configure Turning Machine in TechDB SOLIDWORKS CAM
1144258 SOLIDWORKS CAM and SOLIDWORKS CAM TBM: Command Manager tab are randomly changing or getting blank without manual intervention SOLIDWORKS CAM
1151114 eDrawings - Display: Sketch Text in SolidWorks changes line and color display once published to eDrawings or saved as .easm file and opened in eDrawings eDrawings
1166070 SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020: Use Duplicate Study to create a Derived Configuration grays out the PlasticsManager as if it was an unsupported <= 2019 Plastics legacy file set study. SOLIDWORKS Plastics
1166750 Graphics, Display -Feature -Draft: Draft Analysis - Text of draft value (cursor tip text) is not displayed over the background of the Graphics Area with "Enhanced Graphics Performance" option active. SOLIDWORKS
1170437 eDrawings - Print: Printing from eDrawings 2020 with 'Entire sheet' option using a physical printer cuts off the sheet (Follow on SPR 1058586) eDrawings
1171844 SOLIDWORKS PDM: 2020 Database Upgrade Tool (upgrade.exe) fails on specific 2019 vault database - Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__MenuCmds__6F0B5556'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object SOLIDWORKS PDM
1174280 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Cards: ComboBox Dropdown and Fields in Search card displays an extra double quotes when using default value that contains a space *2020 regression* SOLIDWORKS PDM
1174288 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Search, User Interface: 'Browse to File in New Window' is missing from right-click menu of search results in the Standalone Search Tool *2020 sp2 Regression* SOLIDWORKS PDM
1175013 Drawings - Sheet Formats: Switching sheet format causes crash SOLIDWORKS
1175075 SOLIDWORKS Motion: SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP02, the 'Export CSV' option for Result Plots exports a CSV that only has a single line of data. Data exported OK in SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP01 and earlier. SOLIDWORKS Motion
1175920 SOLIDWORKS Electrical - General: Rails and ducts inserted with a mirror option, are inverted when the project is opened in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 SP2. SOLIDWORKS Electrical
1176877 Assemblies - Design table: SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP1 onward hangs permanently when editing assembly design table. SOLIDWORKS
1176920 SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Weldment Interface: >2020 SP2.0, cannot access the 'Select Joint Members' dialog box by RMB on a beam joint in the graphics area while the Edit Joint PropertyManager is open SOLIDWORKS Simulation
1176952 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Web2: Search fails with 'No items found' if the vault does not contain one of the variables defined in 'SearchDataCardVariables' for the web.config file *2020 regression* SOLIDWORKS PDM
1177841 User Interface - Selection: Tooltip of sketch relation is missing. SOLIDWORKS
1178466 SOLIDWORKS PDM-Integration-User Interface: PDM Add-In could cause SOLIDWORKS to enter 'regression test mode' where Save prompt and other dialogs stop appearing until you restart the SW session SOLIDWORKS PDM
1178500 Drawings - Bill of Material (BOM, Excel: ‘Close method of Workbook calls failed’ error when editing Excel based BOM in SOLIDWORKS with Office 2019 Retail version and Office 365 SOLIDWORKS
1178770 SOLIDWORKS Manage - Installation: “Work (Completed)” and “Work Completed (%)” fields cannot save the updated values correctly in Projects > Planning. SOLIDWORKS Manage
1179062 SOLIDWORKS PDM: Editing Variables linked to Revision Table (SWRevTable) via SW PDM Addin 'Show Properties' (data card) does not mark files *dirty* unless the variable has custom property mapping. SOLIDWORKS PDM
1179249 SOLIDWORKS PDM Migration Assistance Tool 2020 is not built with document manager API license string and can't read document properties leading to corrupt SW files. SOLIDWORKS PDM
1181559 Drawing - Save - for viewers and detailed mode - it take 10 minutes compared to 30 seconds with a traditional mode - if you repeat the saving, the saving process takes longer SOLIDWORKS
1181716 SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3D Routing, Wiring: Route Harness: 'Nothing to route' when using electrical assemblies SOLIDWORKS Electrical
1181891 Foreign Language - Japanese: Dimension: The diameter symbol is displayed with a slash (/). [Symbol library list is garbled and some symbols are wrong in Japanese version. SOLIDWORKS
1182109 User Interface: File name hides behind Search bar when you pin the Menu Bar if non-default Button (Icon) Size is selected SOLIDWORKS
1182430 User Interface: After SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP3 Update: Window display state Maximize causes incorrect toolbar arrangement when launching SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS
1183243 Drawings - Layers, Line font: Foreign Language - Japanese: Line style name in default drawing template is garbled, line definition is incorrect. Lines in the print are not displayed correctly. SOLIDWORKS
1183505 SOLIDWORKS PDM -Windows Explorer: Deleting file in folder where you have displayed reference dialog for Check In, Change State etc; fails to remove deleted file until you manually refresh the folder SOLIDWORKS PDM
1183649 User Interface - Options: Synchronize settings is not working. Error :"Failed to upload settings. Return HTTP status code : 504" is seen SOLIDWORKS
1183860 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Contains and Where Used: Foreign Language General: TreeHouse View in Contains crash on some non-English client languages (Russian, Chinese) SOLIDWORKS PDM
1186203 SOLIDWORKS PDM - SOLIDWORKS: License is not returned as (INACTIVE) after the TIMEOUT period - Occurs when files from PDM remain open an inactive SOLIDWORKS session with the PDM Add-in enabled SOLIDWORKS PDM

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