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27.08.2019 - Vladimír

SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP4 opravuje důležité SPRs, které zvyšují produktivitu. 

Níže naleznete nejdůležitější z oprav, obsažených v této aktualizaci. Kompletní seznam oprav a vylepšení naleznete ZDE.


•  SPR 1050450 - Assemblies - External References: 'Unable to locate the file <File location>' is displayed each time when opening this drawing.

•  SPR 61390 - Sheet Metal  - Drawing rebuilds multiple times (almost for each body in a multibody sheet metal part) after inserting flat pattern drawing view or on opening.
•  SPR 1126138 - Drawings, Weldments: 'Link balloon text to specified table' option from Drawing View Properties cannot be selected for drawing views showing different.

File Properties
•  SPR 1072166 - File Properties: Importing an Assembly Step file on a Part template with Custom Properties, does not propagate those properties to the individual components.
•  SPR 1105271 - File Properties: Custom property 'Value / Text Expression' disappears/blanks out after adding/changing the value, then press Enter or Tab key > press Up or Down arrow key > OK.

•  SPR ​372597 - Parts - Custom tap thread depth reverts to default on edit when thread option is 'Tap drill diameter' & 'Automatically calculate thread depth' is disabled
•  SPR ​457728 - Parts - If Thread Depth is greater than Tap Drill Depth, Hole Depth is not recalculated if “Automatically calculate blind hole depth” is on.
•  SPR 933761 - Sheet Metal Features - Flat pattern duplicated index. 2016 Fix does not work in included part (Follow up to SPR 728792)
•  SPR 947354 - Parts, Feature - Hole Wizard: After placing a Countersink hole and exiting Hole Wizard PM, the next new hole wizard drill hole will automatically have 'Near Side Countersink' applied.

•  SPR 1099506 - SOLIDWORKS Composer - Transform: Composer crashing with Graphics Card - AMD FirePro and also Nvidia Graphic cards for particular functionality.

•  SPR 748274 -  Delayed in state Notification keeps sending notification messages if file returns to the same state,the trigger counter (waiting days) does not reset.
•  SPR 982879 - SOLIDWORKS PDM -Integration -SOLIDWORKS Composer User Interface: Integrated Search will not display  File, Open dialogs of certain 3rd party apps (Composer, Inventor etc.) when using Windows 10
•  SPR 983324 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - File Operations: Images (jpg, bmp, png etc.) in vault are always opened in Paint on double click - no matter what application is set as default.
•  SPR 1110544 - SOLIDWORKS  PDM - File operations  Design Library: The 'Add to Library' Property Manager does not include Design Library folders managed in SOLIDWORKS PDM.
•  SPR 1123849 - SOLIDWORKS PDM Cards: Problem if date format in vault properties is different from Windows regional date format on client, saving new drawing throws 'could not access the item in database'

Structure Systems 
•  SPR 1066834 - Structure Systems, Feature - Cut List: Trailing zero in weldment cut list or BOM does not show for files created in SOLIDWORKS 2018 onward.
•  SPR 942526 - Translator - DXF, DWG: Extra Lines On DXF/DWG Export.
•  SPR 1013895 - Translator - DXF, DWG: Save as DXF / DWG a Mirror view of a Sheet Metal part that contain arcs/holes produce incorrect result (arcs shift)​.
•  SPR 1066923 - Translator - IGES  Foreign Language   General: Failed to save a part as IGES (.igs) with name containing some foreign language characters like 'Ş, Ö, Ğ, İ, Ü'​.
•  SPR 1068529 - Translator - DXF, DWG: Extraneous line appears with GTOL when drawing is saved as DXF.

•  SPR 1115976 - Toolbox - Hole Wizard Data: SOLIDWORKS  2019 Hole Wizard does not update custom fits​.

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker
•  SPR 639156 - SOLIDWORKS Design Checker  API: Design Checker  does not accept own standard and shows this as error.
•  SPR 1108208 - SOLIDWORKS Design Checker: Design Checker not able to open templates when saved with SOLIDWORKS 2019​.

​SOLIDWORKS Electrical
•  SPR 1137167 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Multilevel terminals: Terminal symbol properties - It is not possible to select the desired level terminal after the first level terminal symbol was inserted in the scheme​.





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